Friday, February 26, 2010

The board sport I do like

So growing up everyone always seemed to want to do board sports: snowboard, skateboard, longboard, wakeboard. And I could never get into it. Snowboarding requires a ski lift and a lot of ridiculous clothing, skateboarding is super hard and I fall a lot on asphalt, long boarding is too fast and I have to sit down and I can't seem to "hold my triangle" when it comes to being behind a boat.

But today, I finally found the board sport that works for me. Surfing. And fortunately I've just moved across the world to be a part of a company that does just that; lucky me! This morning after a nice easy breakfast with the quests our logistics man strapped my board on top of a van full of brits and our moroccan surf instructor youness (in his beautiful english-the moroccans seem to have a real talent for learning languages-he jokes that his name is useless with a smile bigger than a surfboard) to head down to Agadir for the day. I spent the first hour or two surveying the scene, walking up and down the beach and chatting with another group from our company (whose instructor happens to be my flat mate) and just generally deciding if I was going to do this or not. Finally I pulled on the wet suit (all the while questioning whether it was really supposed to be that tight!!!) and headed into the water.

I'm scared of so many things and so was apprehensive of how I would react to this water and the waves. And maybe I started in a very mellow type of place but it was nothing but fun! My first go in the water no one had explained anything to me and so the first major wave coming my way completely took me out; somehow I came up laughing. I paddled out to the instructor who gave me a big push and I caught my first wave. Even lying on my stomach like that, it was exhilirating and I rode it all the way into shore. :)

After the other guests were on their feet (figuratively and literally) youness gave me some special attention and I learned what it was going to take to stand. We paddled out together and after only two tries I stood! Of course I had the extra help of youness' push and instruction so I wouldn't put it all on me, but man, it was the best feeling I've had in a while. As I've made friends with the other guests, there were many shouts of approvation from shore and the water when I finished.

Needless to say, I will be sticking with this board sport for the time being. Oh, and I grew to quite like the wetsuit by the end. :)

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