Thursday, February 18, 2010

non attachment

The first day of my yoga teacher training my then teacher and now guru and friend spoke of non attachment as a principle we practice in yoga. She spoke of bodies in particular, teaching us to accept our bodies in whatever state they are in and not get attached to that state because it will change. All change is a fact and the good or bad of it is an irrelevant debate. So we find that as we practice yoga it truly is just a journey. There will be times we cannot do what we think we should be able to and it will be frustrating, so we learn to let go and breathe. Nothing is stable or consistent and the sooner we understand and accept that the better we can flow through this life.

So as I box up my pretty dresses and high heels to head east for a while at the potential damage or loss of posessions, relationships and health, this idea of non attachment is keeping me on the ground. Because who knows; maybe I will find "better" versions of all those things wherever I land.

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