Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tummy bug

So I've had my first bit of Moroccan sickness. :( Yesterday I was laying on the beach with two English guys when a doughnut vendor came by (previously there had been the guy trying to sell peanuts, and the man trying to sell rides on his camel-20 Dirham or 3 dollars). As we were just trying to sunbathe and chat, we refused. But like in most countries like this, it takes them a while to get the hint. After repeated "La Choukran" (no thank you) he finally ended up just giving me a doughnut. Who was I to refuse this heavy, sugar coated king of a pastry? So I ate it. Not ten minutes later I started to feel ill. Bleh. I spent the rest of the day napping and trying to eat good food to reverse the affect (goodness, why couldn't I have learned to be balemic and just throw up on command!?!?). After struggling through my class that night we all went down to L'auberge, one of our other proterties, for dinner. I didn't eat a thing. After lying on the low couches in the restaurant for about an hour trying to convince myself (and two new swedish friends, and my roommates) that I was fine, I realized I was not. Of course the moment I realized it the only bathroom was full and I ended up running to the beach and displaying the contents of my stomach from the last day or so all over a set of stairs leading down to the beach. As I brought my head up I noticed that a poor little Moroccan fisherman was at the bottom, looking helplessly up. I stammered "je suis desole" (I am sorry) in my terribly American french. The sweet man brought me a bottle of water, which I had no way of knowing if it was tap or not, so I splashed it on my face said "Merci" and wandered back inside.


Also graphic, sorry about that... Just thought you might like to hear about my frist experience with a Moroccan tummy bug. Needless to say, I will not be eating anymore doughnuts on the beach. Oh, and I've been feeling fine ever since. :)

p.s. pictures and a town description to come very soon kids.


  1. Yuck, being sick in a foreign country is not fun!! Glad you are feeling better. It is so fun to hear about your adventure, I am jealous you are living by the ocean. Have fun.
    Love, Sally

  2. come home to me. i'll rub your tummy. i need you.


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