Saturday, March 6, 2010

African Sunsets

I always had an idea in my mind of African Sunsets. I figured with a special magic dust in the air they were somehow hotter, and more vibrant than the rest of the world. My experience, although not yet hotter or more vibrant is certainly magical.

I just watched the sun disappear behind a dark mound of clouds. It was the type of sunset where beams of light shine out in five specific directions and you start to wonder if heaven exists in the sun. I would send a picture but I've vowed to never take a picture of a sunset again. It seems counterintuitive to capture a moment by spending that moment doing so.

I feel fortunate to be here during this time of crisis and grieving because inevitably these times bring out a pure kindness and love in the people involved.

Today I am thinking about sitting with your fear. Here is a good place for that as there is very little by way of distraction. Pain and hurt, disease and death are unavoidable and the suffering we go through comes from our attachment to a painless life. What gave us the idea we deserve to go through life unscathed, or that that would be a good thing?

When something happens; a death, an end to a relationship, illness or injury, or the simple and omnipresent lure of loneliness, what do you do? Run into food, drugs, sex, shopping, etc?

So today an invitation to sit with our pain, anxiety and fear. Not to be confused with dwelling in it. An invitation to sit in the quiet stillness that is scarier than any conflict and learn to breathe.


  1. i'm going to write that last paragraph on my wall.
    every single person who reads this will find a different and personal way to relate to it. you are so inspired.
    thank you for always sharing your wisdom and insights. i love you so much.

  2. Love to visit the blog...way to live it!


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