Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello all. Here are some pictures to give you a feel for Morocco. The first one is of some mountain goats coming down to sort through the trash in the morning (think deer all you Utahns). The second is a sheep hearder with his goats the day after the souk eating all the produce that goes on the ground. While walking around the souk farmers will allow you to try their produce before buying, thus rinds and things end up on the floor for these happy goats. :) The third picture is the camels on the beach. Men walk round petitioning foreigners to ride their camel for only 10 dirham(!) (a little over a dollar). I feel very strange about riding these animals and will probably not do it. I have certainly made friends with the vendors though! Between doughnut man that sings Bob Marley and peanut man yelling "cacahuete" and popping his tongue and the camel guys that bring their camels within 1 foot of your face while they ask if you'd like to ride; this beach is an interesting place.
There are also many cats and dogs around. We even have a cat in our staff apartment (it's been given it's shots for all you that fear feral cats..cough...Robbie.. cough...).

I have long believed there is something wrong with my innate femininity. My handwriting is that of a seventh grade boy, I don't like to hold babies, and I don't like to touch animals. Yet, these last two have always seemed to like me. And so the trend continues; stray dogs come and sit by me on the beach everyday I'm there, our cat loves to jump on me, and two goats followed me part way home yesterday evening. Perhaps they crave my emotional with holding. Sadistic bastards. Or, more likely, they don't actually like everyone baby talking them and making odd faces close to them and they sense that I will allow them to sit in peace for a while. Either way, I am certainly popular in the four legged crowd out here.


  1. I am so glad your cat has had it's shots. Feral cats give me the heebie jeebies.

  2. just finally getting a chance to catch up on ur blog. looks like quite the different life u are leading for 6 mths. please wear sunscreen. please wear a cool outfit and think of me :)


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