Friday, March 5, 2010


You never feel so helpless as when tragedy has struck and you don't know how upset you're allowed to be so as not to disrespect those that have more right to be upset.

You never feel so helpless as when you need to step up and do something and you don't know what to do so you just sit. And try not to cry. And try to smile at those that don't know... because afterall... they are on vacation.

Yesterday one of the employees here passed away in a tragic car accident early morning. He was my roommate upstairs and had been one of the most welcoming and wonderful people I knew here. It is very strange being in such a different place with people I hardly know during such a crisis.

After we found out and got a few things in order most of us went down to Panoramas beach, some people surfed, most of us just sat. It was a beautiful sunny day with perfect waves but all anyone really wanted to do was look at them. That evening we got together to have dinner, about 15 employees. The Moroccans did not come as apparently in their culture they don't get together when someone has died like that.

The topic of conversation for many people right now is religion. I have never experienced death with such a diverse group of people an it is opening my eyes. We've got everyone from Mormons, Budhists, Christians, Atheists and Muslims... and that's just the ones I know about.

So another day goes on and things go on because we still have 60 guests to tend to right now. But over here we have all been brought off Moroccan cloud nine for the time being, and life feels more palpable.

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