Saturday, March 13, 2010

kids will be kids

On wednesday I went to the souk (local market) to get food for our yoga surf retreat. It was quite an experience and I will do a seperate blog for it soon, because it deserves one. When we got back to the car some kids had written this on the back of our car. It says "Wash me, please". haha. I loved it because it was yet another testament to the fact that people are people, and kids are kids. In every culture some things are similar and it's those things that make you feel at home anywhere you are.

As a coping technique in such a drastic change, I find myself constantly comparing and contrasting (damn you school). I am learning and experiencing the subtle differences between cultures. Whether it be a snack food (marmite is very weird...) or a way of saying the back of the car (a boot goes on your foot as far as I'm concerned) the differences come up.

Maybe I'm young, naive and wide eyed, but being here I believe now more than ever that people are all good. Simply different, and it is those differences that make things interesting.

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