Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to Taghazout

Welcome to Taghazout (Taw Raw Zoot). My new home for the moment. This is a picture taken from the roof top of our staff apartment building where I live with 6 other members of our staff. The beach you see in this picture is called Panaramas and extends all the way down from one of our properties (L'auberge) to another one of our properties (Mandala). Here you will find pretty mellow waves at this time of year it's excellent for a beginner (i.e. myself). This is also the beach with Camel riding and the dreaded doughnut vendors! As you can tell in the picture the buildings are all four to five stories high and tightly put together. There are small roads connecting things, sometimes big enough for a car sometimes not. Walking to our house you pass several houses, a small bakery where we get our baked fresh daily bread and a little C-store right outside our door.

The second picture is me sitting on our rooftop terrace today. I am about 5 stories up here overlooking the city and the ocean. This is after a nice lunch with Shane (one of our cooks) and his brother. Shane made a delicious vegetarian Tajine ( Moroccan crock pot for lack of a better way to describe it) that we enjoyed in a lazy way on the roof.

An update on me... I have slept about 18 hours in the last 24. After my last post I came home and didn't leave. Adjusting to a new country has worn my body out somewhat and I am in the process of recovering. Not to worry all you worriers... it is nothing serious. Just adjusting to the most drastic change ever made in my life time. ;)

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