Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goodbye Morocco

So as I depart from this land of spices and heat I wonder what I will miss most.

Perhaps I’ll miss the local, fresh produce available at each turn. What a pleasure it is to walk down to the square where you’ll find the shop keeper you trust most and have him help you pick out the best produce for your dinner tonight; especially when he always tells you if what he has is not fresh and then sends you where it can be found fresh. The reality of health when what you’re eating hasn’t been genetically altered or sprayed with pesticides, or transferred halfway around the world to make it to your plate is disarming and fabulous.

Or perhaps I’ll miss all the propositions. I can’t walk around alone for ten minutes without getting asked if I’m engaged, if I will give someone my number, or being told that I am beautiful. I know that most of it has to do with my blonde hair and nationality, but I like to flatter my vanity and assume they’re really entranced by me. Today I got asked out by a policeman. I politely informed him I was on my out of the country and consequently the continent and so No, I would not like to give him my number.

Maybe I’ll miss the sunsets. Some of my most awe inspired moments here have been leading a yoga class, lying them down into savasana and then watching an intricate and vivid African sunset all alone in an aura of peace. There is an aching beauty to a sunset at the ocean. You can’t help but wonder what lies where that sun is going. In my case I knew when the sun was setting it was just greeting friends and family back home and so I said goodbye to it with acceptance.

As I depart I will also consider the things I will not miss. Ranging from the 100 degree dry heat which contributes to the gorgeous sunsets, to the fact that all this Moroccan food has me smelling and sweating like a Moroccan, to the fact that I almost murder twenty pedestrians each time I get in a car. So I see that even things that I love have good and bad consequences. Life goes on and I have a better understanding of a wider range of people.

Goodbye Morocco, I will probably not be back.

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