Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Mother Land

Here’s a big shocker for all of you (Grace and Dad) that read this blog; I like plans, and time, and promptness, and productivity, and efficiency. Even though these words make me sound more machine than human, it might explain why I was so happy when I found myself in a proper country. With proper garbage disposal procedures. And proper road signs. And proper people eating with both fork and knife. Hello England, I belong with you.

I spent the last ten days couch (and floor) surfing throughout England, and it was one of my favorite vacations to date. I spent several says with a friend at his parents English countryside estate. We spent a day trekking across the breath taking countryside on the one thousand year old path of St. Swithuns way ( taking a legitimate steam train and landing in the quaint old town of Winchester to revisit some boyhood memories at his alma mater of Winchester college.

After getting a delightful insight into English life I headed north again to meet the lesbian love of my life for a few days of London time. We spent our days touring museums and spending money neither of us have on clothes and seeing Shakespeare in a form you’d never believe. Between getting free ice cream from the cute ice cream boy and eating lots of chocolate and cheese(!) it was quite a week; and a great reminder of how much I love Grace.

She sent me packing at 6 AM and 24 hours later I landed in Vegas for a little daddy time. As much as I enjoyed my time in Morocco and even more, felt at home in rural England, I will admit I had a few glistening tears of American appreciation upon landing at McCarren airport. It’s time to get back to life, and I couldn’t be happier to be doing so.

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