Monday, May 31, 2010


Today I am remembering to be tender and kind and patient to myself. As softly as I’ve tried to land, I have more or less hit the ground running since I’ve been back in America. From getting jobs to finding a place to live to car shopping to sorting through possessions, it has been a nonstop western lifestyle circus. And it was exactly what I wanted. But today after I started a new job, looked for a place to live, had a very hard conversation with a friend and then several family members (all very good, positive things) I arrived home at 10 PM, exhausted and with a head ache. It wasn’t until I did the simple and more importantly meditative act of cleaning up my room from my several hurried attire changes during the day that I finally felt calm. And while I hung up the 5 shirts I tried on during various times of the day (my vanity did not leave, enough after 3 make-upless months) it occurred to me that days like today, the kind of days I used to do 7 days a week, are excellent practice for this new mentality I spent three months developing. You can’t avoid apartment shopping, starting new jobs or devoting energy to valued relationships; nor should you ever want to! These are the things of life. However, you can breathe and stay present and allow life to happen, with you in it! So I sat on my bed and took twenty deep breaths and you know that head ache? Gone. So as I sit in my towel, about to relax into a luxurious bubble bath and a cooking magazine, I am humbled again at the balance I am learning to find in this beautiful experience called life.

Someone make a note to remind me of this in 3 months when I have 5 jobs and more...

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