Saturday, June 5, 2010


It stuns me that after only 3 weeks of being in America I already have piles of books, magazines, files, planners, journals, things to do and install, things to sort and read and lists of people to call and e-mail about various things, things to follow up on, things to create and write, places to be at certain times, and most of all: real decisions to make. I know that what I just described is real life and there is nothing out of the ordinary here. In fact, it’s exactly what I signed up for. However, if you couldn’t tell by the chaotic nature of the sentence, it is all feeling like a little too much at the moment. I have re-entered the rat race and no one has even told me what the winning price is. Beyond this; rat like behavior is quite unbecoming.

Ultimately I am too connected and distracted with this world pulling me five ways each hour and it is invading my mind, leaving little room for real thoughts, musings, creativity, and spiritual connectivity. These very scurrying rat acts were what I missed most when I was living a slower life. Ironically enough, only after being removed from them did I find the peace, focus, and direction that made me want to come back at all.

So today I am retreating to a Moroccan state of mind for a few hours; I have turned off my phone and am spending some time in nature. I’ll reconnect later…

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