Monday, August 2, 2010

The flood

Some of you know that this week my house flooded. And I behaved disgracefully during the mayhem. I woke up from a nap and climbed the stairs only to step into 3 inches of irrigation ditch water and see no less than 3 feet of the same pressed against our sliding glass doors and spurting in through each crack. Awesome. I quickly roused the neighborhood and my also peacefully sleeping stepfather with some of the most distasteful language I know. Fortunately my new hero and the reason I have recommitted to relief society employed her 7 children and a few more neighbors and saved 1 or 2 of ten valuable things in that room (and she also brought lunch ;) ).
My fantastic friend Liz and I spent the next two hours sweeping water down the drain where the fireman had removed the toilet in desperation that this water would not reach my bedroom (it came a foot away from my door fyi), while the firemen pumped the some 1,000 gallons of water out of our new pool. Again, awesome.

Irrigation ditch water is apparently
"black" water and so we are having to dispose of virtually everything. Casualties include but are not limited to: the carpet, the couches, some furniture, the computer, the internet router, many cushions and my cell phone. So now we're in the middle of an unexpected remodel consisting largely of 14 industrial fans and some sort of spray to disinfect anything the water touched. Here is what it looked like.

Happy as can be, making all the necessary calls.

The loudest fans I've ever met.

The barricade I selfishly created to try and save my things.

Chris, wading in our new swimming pool.
After 45 minutes of pumping.

Tomorrow my plan is to lay my yoga mat out on the spotted concrete and try to find peace amongst the chaos. I sure hope those tomatos are worth it neighborhood. ;)


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