Sunday, August 15, 2010

The kind of woman I mean to be

Here are three of my favorite women. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

I have been watching Madmen a lot lately and it has me yearning for an era I was never a part of. An era that, my parents are quick to remind me, was not really that great in a lot of ways. But I still find that I have two attractions to this time period; one is for these classy ladies, and the other is for the beatniks who inspire me daily with their strange but true prose. But I'll save the latter for another post. Today I wanted to address why I mean to be like these women.

I truly believe that these are the kind of women that knew simple elegance. The kind of women that knew what to wear to every occasion, never came over or under dressed. They probably matched or adorably mismatched each bag with each scarf and wore make-up as a choice, not a necessity. I assume they always wore the perfect shoes, and when they didn't wear shoes it was charming and carefree. They likely had a seamless beauty ritual done once a day with minimal effort or thought. These are the type of women who have a reliable product for everything and who actually know what cold cream does. They probably had all kinds of mantra's to live by regarding speaking kindly and crossing your legs in public, yet if they didn't I'm sure the world was nonetheless watching and mimicking with held breath. These were real women; champagne and perfume included.

Sadly I find that I still can't figure out what cold cream is for, and constantly find myself running out of hair and skin products without replacing them because they didn't usually do much in the first place. I can never seem to wear the right outfit and lately have found myself a number of public places without shoes... oh well... not all of us can be effortlessly graceful and poised.

This was my effort at lightening up the content of this 'soul searching' blog. ha.

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