Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It seems like whenever I have a big thing coming up I create worthless to-do and packing lists and buy stupid things.

For example: when I went to Thailand last summer the entire 6 weeks preceding our departure I had a packing list on the wall including such things as...

-a swim suit
-flip flops
-bug repellent (don't worry, this was my dad's #1 cause in preparing me for the trip. By the time I left I had in hand enough nice smelling, yet potent, repellent wipes to last me three trips to Thailand)
-first aid kit (it was my first time out of the country and clearly I wasn't sure whether things like band aids would be available to me in the depths of southeast Asia) DUH....

In Thailand, I wound up jealous of Grace the whole time because her pack, although much lighter than mine always seemed to have just what she needed in it. And. She packed two hours before we left. While I spent six weeks pondering over what to bring... she read two entire volumes of lonely planet and thus ended up navigating us around the whole country. Thank goodness for Grace. Without her, I may have just followed my French lover around Thailand and consequentially, back to France.

For another example: when I went to Morocco I had a similar list going for the 2 weeks I had to prepare. But my list looked more like this...

-6 months worth of tampons (you're welcome moroccan flat mates for the three months worth I left upon my sudden departure)

And. In both cases the first thing I did after buying my plane ticket was go to target and buyprotein bars. Because who knows what kind of food would be available to me while travelling and what else is more important? So really... yes... it was a very logical and practical first move.

Needless to say, I like to prepare and plan and even pack. But I don't always prioritize, and when it comes to the actual trip, I am always unprepared.


This has all been a very long winded way of saying that... I leave for Chicago to do an Acroyoga training in just over two weeks and here's how I've prepared...

Pretty practical for once hey?! and zero protein bars. I think I'm learning.


  1. Kelsey - How funny! I am guilty of the exact same packing issues :)I write ridiculously long packing and to-do lists before I go anywhere. I think I inherited the list-making habit from my mom. Does your mom do the same thing? Which reminds me I have a list to write... ;)

    I hope you enjoy your yoga trip. It sounds like a blast. I've never been to Chicago but I've heard it is a great city with lots to see and do - and eat. BTW I read your list of goals the other day and loved it! I will be expecting to see you meet those goals head-on in the next few years :)

  2. I am the same way, spend hours thinking and planning and then bring all the wrong things! I'm panicking about packing for my mission. Maybe you can teach me what you have learned!

  3. i think i remember the morocco list to include:
    throw a party

    i hope that item merited an extra big 'check.' it was splendid.


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