Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today I went running. Yes, running. And not for some deadline on getting in shape, not for some self hate punishment and not because I know I 'should'. Me and this body of mine definitely go through hard times and I would certainly have to categorize our relationship as a love/hate sort of thing. However, as I was running I recognized something simple that I talk about often and still somehow struggle to implement; and that is the idea that your body holds the answers, so you had better listen.

When I'm sad, my eyes cry and my heart feels heavy with smoldering ash. When I'm untrue, my limbs feel jittery and my mouth won't close. When I'm lonely, my shoulders close in the front, blocking my wounded heart. But when I'm alive and passionate, my toes tap to the music and all my bodily systems coexist bring me forth. I can always sit quietly and take clues from this little body of mine on which direction to move next...

At times these cues feel like too much, which is when the numbing factors jump in to save/destroy the day. Maybe I'll fill my to-do list full, sleep too long, spend too much money, or a number of other things that I won't list so as to spare you the gory details of LIFE as we know it.

I think I went running today because I knew my body would love me for it, and today, on the first of many (hopefully not too many...) cloudy days this fall season, I am in harmony with my body and I can't help but feel like this is my second chance at being in harmony with my soul as well.

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