Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Body Talk

Today I went to a lovely session of Body Talk. Which is an alternative form of therapy where rather than your mouth, your body talks to your therapist.

I can actually feel some of your skeptical reactions as you read such a thing. But let me tell you. This woman is a healer, and more importantly she is someone who just gets it.

Gets what you ask? Well... just all the things that I mean to place neatly in each post for all of you to absorb ( and for me to clarify...but who can really have pure clarity with the variety of realities that exist... but I digress...) She understands and even articulates many of my beliefs so well I wish she were writing this blog.

I've been sitting here a while wondering which of the little gems and changes in perception she gifted me today I would share with all of you.... when I realized...

you cannot repeat such a conversation (can it be a conversation when so much of it is felt versus heard?). a conversation where wisdom is handed lightly from one delicate hand to another. where implicit understanding wins over explicit lecturing. where judgement is left at the door and two tender souls just wish the world were a little softer. a little slower. a little more soothing. Because trying to repeat it here would cheapen it. destroy its rejuvenating prowess. and turn it into the school lesson that made you change your major. Instead of the life experience that made you change your entire mind.

So I will just hope that my slippery, mortal mind gleaned enough for the things she shared today to unexpectedly show up in my writing, my speaking, and my nature as a human. as a woman. 

Now I'm off to yoga where another healer of a woman will help me to open my hunched shoulders and soften my stale heart. and hopefully... hopefully.... begin to place my soul back into my aching body.

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