Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have decided to participate in an adorable little blogging event called "this is my tuesday" created by Red Boots.

Basically she chooses a theme each week and other bloggers do a post surrounding the theme and link it to her page. Surprise surprise, this week's theme is happiness. And I too (like Red Boots) find that happiness is an elusive thing that changes day to day and sometimes (here is the negative nancy in me) doesn't even seem to exist for me. But here is what's making me happy today:

Being able to escape into this little beauty for a few hours by the pool. This is my first wartime Hemingway and I wasn't sure what I'd think. But I have been delighted 60 pages in to be just as hooked as I was with all the other Hemingway novels I've read. Sometimes I just want to speak and live like a character from one of these books, but just the thought is a source of Happiness for me today.

Thanks Red Boots for the little nudge to search for happiness today, I needed it.


  1. Happiness is a good book. I concur with that!

  2. i just picked up this book at a book market, not knowing anything abut it other than knowing that i had heard the title before somewhere....now i cant wait to read it!


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