Monday, November 1, 2010

I Want To

I'm trying to post fewer posts that might invite any kind of masochistic action.

So... a little update on me...

I bought two pair of new shoes and they made me so happy I went out this weekend dressed as a peacock!

I subscribed to NYLON magazine because they seem to always feature the most bad ass girls.
Netflix has been oh so good to me with Coco before Chanel, Whip It, and Factory Girl. I'm on a bit of a feminist kick, can ya tell?

I'm seeing these guys tomorrow (below) and I couldn't be more excited.

Finding a reckless activity to indulge in has been much more difficult in my current state than anticipated. However, I always know I can dance my little heart out at a show and I will leave feeling better.

Basically... I am drowning myself in the best media I can get my abnormally small hands on and it has been beautiful.

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