Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life survival kit

I think I've made it clear: life is kinda hard for me at the moment.

So I thought I'd share my current survival kit:

~perfectly polished nails

~a cup of ginger tea (in a Christmas mug)

~the promise of sunshine in Phoenix this weekend with my absolute sunniest friend (Michelle)

~ $13 jeans from the scariest place in the mall for this tonight.

~lots and lots of Jenny Lewis.  

~the fact that I exploded in a verse of vindication and profanity in the presence of my beautifully LDS therapist. And he told me I am doing well.

It's not much... but it's these things that are keeping me going today. What else can I really ask for?

1 comment:

  1. maybe if i could actually paint my nails so i liked them. usually i end up taking them right off. i should work on that!

    keep on treking.

    you are wonderful.


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