Sunday, November 21, 2010

refined truths

I was planning on coming home and blogging (which has become synonymous with another B word I've been trying not to use...) all about the many small things at work tonight that added up and became one large problem that I could not seem to handle. And then detailing my subsequent behavior. But instead of pointing fingers and allowing myself to fuse once again with the victim persona that can become awfully seductive, I will just leave you with a few refined truths (all of which I've known once in my life but somehow forgot, life a dream ten minutes after waking...)

I do have faith.

  I do deserve respect.

And even though sometimes ( and by sometimes I mean too much of the time ) it feels like life was poorly designed, I do know that when it seems like you're about to drown and it's all your own fault anyway, someone will throw you the life jacket you were so desperately asking for in a language that no one seemed to speak.

In some ways tonight felt life a small step backwards in this whole recovery process... but in more important, divine ways it felt like an even bigger step forwards (you've got to feel it to heal it, right?)

Time to wash my hands of the work tonight ( both literally and emotionally ) and sleep for 12 tranquil hours. 

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