Friday, November 5, 2010

Self Care

A tipping point
and a turning point
A breakdown
and a breakthrough

it's time for tender and focused self care.

There is one important lesson I learned in the last few days... and that is that I have trouble asking for help...

Well... here I am... low point of all low points... and I am finally asking for help. Because I finally think that I want to heal.

Leave me a comment sharing with me your best self care tip (bubble bath, nature walks, pedicures) anything you do to treat yourself kindly. Any (healthy) food you eat that brings you comfort and love. Anything you read that inspires you and makes you feel happy. Please share. I need to fill my life with just such things now.


  1. Find pleasure in the things you do, do things you enjoy. Enjoy the company you keep ... limit interaction with company that is toxic to you.

    Realize stress is natural. Whatever the problem, no matter how trivial it might be, it still feels the same.

    I enjoy driving. Making bread by hand is actually quite therapeutic. My sanctuary is in a hot shower. Climbing and pushing yourself gives focus like nothing else ... and the people are generally cool too.

    Do something different. Go somewhere new. Try something you have always wanted to do. Meet new people.

    A lot of people care about you. You aren't alone :-)

  2. Depression sucks. Sometimes you just have to keep moving forward the best you can. Be patient with yourself. If it doesn't go away and it is influencing too much of your life, you might seek professional help. Schools usually offer that type of service to students ...

    You can always call me too ...

  3. i just got a kindle and ive been reading like a maniac. I love easy, fun reads, I figure life is complicated and confusing enough i use reading as my getaway/sanctuary. if you havent read all the shopaholic books theyre a must, I also love the hunger game books. When things get crazy at the salon I take a little stroll around the block. Shopping also does it for me, go to anthropologie, walking in that store just makes me happy even if i dont buy anything. ive probably more sewing (quilting) since i opened the salon to relieve stress and brigthen my day. seriously new fabric can make my day! check out heather ross fabrics. obsessed. I've realized working with my hands really does it for me, i've been doing a lot of crafting a lot lately as well, i turn on a good movie and get to work! did i just make a million paper pinwheels for the salon? yes indeed! I think doing stuff with my hands distracts my mind and gives me a little calm in a crazy day!

  4. I second the reading suggestion. Find any book you like and just relax. I also love writing in my journal. Sometimes I just write and write and it helps so much.
    Know you are loved Kelsey. You are in my prayers

  5. i like to spend time with good friends. i love to read. i like to sew - quilts are a favorite right now. sometimes spending time alone is helpful, sometimes doing something with a friend. there is a great therapist in town who has helped alot (most) of us in our home. not long drawn out weird therapy sessions, just one or two to get perspective. Scot Owen in Provo.

  6. Kels,

    Matt says that strenuous exercise is how he copes with life. He wanted me to tell you that :)

    Something I've started doing recently is keeping plants. I grow succulent plants now on my balcony and in my study room and honestly it has been quite effective at helping me relax and get in touch with nature. I think there's something to be said about having to take care of something - a plant, a pet, that sort of thing. I don't know what I'd do without my puppies or my plants at this point.

    Also, doing something for other people has been an incredible healing method for me with my own demons. Ever since I began working with kids my life has become meaningful in a way it never was before. Find some way to do for others - it's a great way to do for self.

  7. Kels!

    One thing I've learned recently is to confide in the people you trust. I am the kind of person who bottles everything up inside of me. If I'm having a hard time I just put on a front and keep it to myself because I think I'm strong enough to deal with it on my own. But sometimes you have to break down to build yourself back up. Don't be afraid to ask for help!! Sometimes you just need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. I'm sure you have some amazing people in your life who would be there for you in a heartbeat if you let them. :)

  8. a bath. baths cure everything. you put your ears under the water and the only thing that sounds clear is your heartbeat. it's centering and oh-so-relaxing.

    maybe take a book with you...


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