Monday, November 29, 2010

sometimes I even surprise myself

I must admit this is the second draft of this post. The first was full of too much explicitness and wordiness that none of you will enjoy. (if you think you might, shoot me an e-mail, I'll certainly share)

So here's the gist:

You know those conversations you have and when you leave all you can think about is all the things you should have said?

Tonight I had one that was just the opposite.

I was cornered into a conversation I never intended to have with a person I really never intended to get involved with. And I said all the things I have slowly articulated in my own mind, over the course of the last few empowering weeks, and I said them out loud (like really loud). I was clear and honest and although the conversation was peppered with words I'm not proud are such a central part of my vocabulary, it all came out exactly as I meant it to.

What a success. or another step forward I guess.

Driving away from the great and spacious building to one that offered more hope and light was like crossing a bridge. Into my new life. The life I always intended to lead.

I just got side tracked for a while...

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