Friday, November 19, 2010

Turn that frown upside down

So I teach yoga here for those of you that didn't know. It's really great and the people here have been some of the most influential for me in the last 3 + years. If you've never been in, come visit, it will change your life. Really. But more on all this another time...

Today I woke up feeling hungover (I was not actually, just tired from a long night seeing Harry Potter, and some version of my new fun anxiety attacks and the consequential medication. awesome). And I woke up 10 minutes before I needed to leave to teach my class at noon. Yes, I sleep in. a lot. get over it. My life does not call for early rising and I'm indulging. 

So I throw on some clothes that look stupid. that didn't match. (not that I ever really do, as one of my favorite persons, Denice, can tell you).  and I'm wearing the wrong underwear for the pants, and I don't have time to wash  my face. Or eat anything. and I'm just feeling all sorts of out-of-sorts. but I get in the car and drive. and I'm nearly crying...because this seems like the absolute hardest thing in the world for me right now.

And then I arrive. I walk into the studio, take off my argyle socks and high top shoes, set up my ipod and turn around. and I for the first time I realize there are 10 people there. 10 people that are there because they want something from me and this class (some elusive thing that as a teacher, you are constantly trying to gauge in any group of students, since they can rarely verbalize it themselves). 

So I man up. I forget myself. I make a stupid joke about how it's the middle of the day for all of them, but I have just woken up. And I teach one of my best classes ever. I get to adjust everyone, help a few people get over some hurdles in their own practice and even see a student with scoliosis make it into her very first back bend. 

One of the other teachers at the studio once said to me that her favorite part about teaching is that everyone can come and get what they need. and not just the students. it goes both ways. There are times that as a teacher you will bounce into the studio, ready to share and learn and grow, and one (or more) students will come in exhibiting crystal clear signs that today is just not their day. And as I have just illustrated, the opposite happens too.
But here's the cool thing... I would say 9 1/2 times out of ten (I'll leave that half for those people that are stuck, stubborn, or maybe new) when you do make it in-whatever your initial motivation is- that yoga class will magically shape itself into exactly what you needed. And everyone will leave better off.

(side plank in the hills at the base of dry canyon, overlooking Utah valley)

And that is exactly what happened today. I got there-from my often skewed perspective- by some miracle.
  But I left edified and feeling grateful, as I often do, to be a part of the unique and healing business that is yoga.

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  1. um i am definitely coming to one of your yoga classes asap!! i need this!

    as a piano teacher i don't always feel this because most of my students are made to learn piano. what a difference when one chooses to learn themselves. not only for the student but the teacher.


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