Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in a nutshell (or a blog post)

Some year it's been. A little recap for your oracular pleasure. This is what I did:

 I began 2010 with a 90's themed party. As soon as it turned 2010 it was officially OK to make fun of the decade that conceived me. (yes that's a Hansen Brothers poster)
 Soon thereafter packed up our tiny basement bedroom and said a teary goodbye to this girl at the airport on my way to sunny Morocco.
 Where I met my two surfer-chick English roommates.
 Enjoyed African sunsets whilst teaching yoga.
 Spent days in the Hammam with new Australian friends.
 Acted 12 yrs old with the next Joni Mitchell.
 Gained a whole slew of new friends from across the globe.
 Then this girl visited and helped sneak me out of Morocco so I could head 3 hours north to the mother land.
 For an 8 mile ramble across the English countryside
 With this English gentleman
 To see his alma mater.
 Then I headed to London to steal ice cream and share a twin sized bottom bunk with this one.
 and pretend that I was on a BYU study abroad. for 5 days.

 I finally made it back to the Happy Valley, only to discover that all (ok, most) of my high school girl friends are either married or engaged.
 Spent the summer camping in Utah.
 Dancing at the Summer concert series.
 and conquering that hill in the middle of deer creek everyone has an urge to climb.
 Then I became an adult by buying my first car and getting my first loan.
 Saw the last performing Beatle (Paul) in the blind section for free.
 Survived an irrigation ditch water flood

 and learned to fly.
I pretended to have graduated Hogwarts.
 and started reading my poetry in public.
Finished out the year perfectly at temple square with my two favorite people and an ongoing rendition of 'Saturdays Warrior'. 

So there you have it. 2010 in one blog post.
 Fun stuff only.
 See you next year!

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  1. Sounds like quite a year. Congratulations on your many adventures and accomplishments. I wish you many more in 2011. :)


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