Sunday, December 12, 2010



what to say.. what to say..

alright. how's this?
I used to be one of those girls... the kind with many suitors at once. In fact, it became a family joke. They would ask which one of the "hopefuls" was first in line at the time.  But for all purposes and intents on this blog (and because turns out there is a limit to what I will post on the internet about my life) that is the extent of what you're going to hear about that part of my life.

This is not something I admit easily. In fact, I'm quite ashamed, because a great number of those guys were fantastic people. And I don't mean to say any of it was not genuine, just extremely selfish. So I will chalk it up to youthful arrogance, and move forward.

I'm not sure exactly when it stopped because it was such a slow process with many set backs. But somewhere in the last year or so something happened...

I began being OK being by myself... I began being OK being myself.

and the "hopefuls" (my stepbrothers word, not my own) began to dissipate.

Now watch this. Please mute the music and forgive me for posting a video about something Shel Silverstein created. I know it's ridiculous. But see what kind of symbolism you can glean from it about dating.

Something ended tonight. Something that actually never really began...and I'll be honest in saying I'm kind of disappointed.

But you see... I'm getting the hang of this rolling thing. so I feel pretty certain I'll find a big O to roll with one of these days.

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    We can take shape from other elements besides our hard work. Like you said, everything we do helps us become who we are.

    (Today's word reminded me of the video).


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