Thursday, December 23, 2010

How do I spend my time you ask?

Some of you have asked me just such a question recently. You wonder how I fill my days with no job (excluding teaching yoga, which is more of a pleasure than a commitment), no school, and not even a boyfriend to distract me.

The long answer: soul searching and healing my body, mind and spirit. You know, all the things I write so excessively about right here.

The short answer? crafting.

 here is the candy wreathe I spent two hours with glue gun in hand for...

only to have it melt the next day. I'm not sure if it rained sideways today or what. but there goes two hours and one bad glue gun burn I can never take back. oh well.

  here is my beautiful mother at the festival of trees (I must say, worst display of Utah's mass populous ever) next to the fabric she's redone our whole Christmas in. The pastel speaks to her and she and I have both been on a be-true-to-yourself kick as of late.
 enlisting these two to decorate sugar cookies. it just wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't call in Tracy to make these cookies happen.
 the 1,000 piece puzzle I told you about. I finished it tonight with the help of a lovely friend and an even more lovely soundtrack full of Bob and Neil and Jenny.
aha! the hand stitched felt stockings. is it two years and a bad case of mono ago already? and yes, you counted right; there are 15 stockings hanging there. what can I say? we've blended our blended family nicely.

I discovered the melting wreathe 8 hours ago. we have still not cleaned it up. around here, things happen when they happen, kitsch abounds in the most nostalgic of ways, and the only unacceptable form of disorder seems to be a set of lost keys... and it couldn't make for a more inviting holiday atmosphere.

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  1. i absolutely love that puzzle! i want it!! my family has finished two big puzzles already in the last week. and i agree. being crafty and creating is surely a healer. i definitely attest to that!


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