Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'll Try Anything Once

I have a friend who quite seriously is planning to name his first born Julian Casablancas. I am starting to understand.... Enjoy. :)

As for the words in my head tonight, they go something like this:

The Muses have been in my ear a while now, maybe all my life.
I used to believe that because I would not be the first person to say something,
 I should not say it all.
Then a simple correction changed my life.
Even though someone may have said it before,
  I haven't, not in my way or out of my mouth..
And it's very important that I do
 maybe not for the betterment of literary culture in the world.
but for my own growth and peace of mind.
and I've got this funny feeling (call this blind authorial foreshadowing)
 that once I start saying the things the muses have been whispering to me for ages
new and inspired, or otherwise
sitting in front of a blank screen
or standing on my yoga mat
all alone
will become that much more bearable  

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