Wednesday, December 29, 2010

laying the ground work

I've been considering New Years Resolutions... but it seems that starting anything on the 1st of the year is a recipe for failure.

Thats because life cannot be segregated into neat boxes. It cannot be divided up into clean beginnings and endings, phases, or chapters. It's all one spinning, evolving, moving, living event. and each choice,small and earth shattering, are what fuels and directs it.

So this year on January 1st I don't plan to make any kind of resolve for 2011 I haven't already got in the works right now, on December 29th.

Instead I'll help keep the ball rolling slowly along on my current metamorphosis by going to bed tonight at Midnight and rising long before midday tomorrow.

simple as that: a deliciously easy action that represents a world of thought and a deliberate stride in a specific, aimed direction.

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  1. this is so true.
    i always feel that when i make new years resolutions that i know in the back of my mind i have no intention of keeping them just because they are 'new years resolutions'
    this is a far more honest approach.


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