Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life after restaurant

post script. if you haven't seen Charlie Bartlett, you really must.

Tonight was one of my last shifts at work. As I was about to head out a coworker asked me what was next for Kelsey. and this from someone who has really been in-the-know concerning too many of my... escapades... this last year that we've known each other. (you know how work environments, particularly restaurants, are... with the built in grape vine and all)

So when he asked I think he half expected me to say something wild. 
I don't blame him. he was working with me during that whole hey-I'm-moving-to-Morocco-to-teach-yoga-to-Surfers thing I did...

but after a quick thought, I told him I honestly didn't know. for the first time in my life I'm just gonna lay low a while and try and figure that out.

I've got easy answers like going back to college (shock and awe, I know..) and doing more yoga trainings.

I've included this picture of me at the only BYU football game I've been to (sorry for wasting those all-sports passes you kept buying me, Dad, I know you meant well) for your viewing... and laughing... pleasure. Yes, this is me making an honest effort to be a cougar.

But in regards to the long term, and life goals, I can only surmise. and I'm really no particular fan of admitting I was wrong or going back on something I have said, so I think I'll just stop professing to be heading a certain somewhere...

life has really thrown me for a loop the last few years and I'm OK with that. I've insisted (loudly and irreverently at times) on doing everything in life my own way... so I asked for it I suppose.

After I told him I didn't know what in the world was next for me I got in my car and the Cat Stevens song in this post came on, (I must add, followed by David Bowie's 'Queen Bitch', sometimes I think my ipod knows what I want and when to give it to me). But it felt rather appropriate for the wide-eyed, I'll go wherever life takes me mental state his simple question had put me in.

I drove home smiling and really haven't stopped since.

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  1. Change is a good thing, and doing nothing is a good thing. I keep thinking of the part in Eat Pray Love where she is in Italy and they tell her that American's don't know how to do nothing, but in Italy, it's an art. So good luck with all that time you will have on your hands! (I don't think I can handle more time on my hands right now ha).


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