Thursday, January 6, 2011

documenting happiness

So here's something about life when you're a girl in her early 20's (I'd like to say it's a thing about being a person of any age, but I have one vantage point from which to tell the story)

And that is the fact that the way you feel about life changes quickly. sometimes very quickly. call it youthful indecision, or even fickle flightiness. I don't care... But allow me to illustrate:

two hours ago I crawled into my tempur-pedic topped bed with a brownie and a stupid high school drama chick flick movie because this 'being a real person with real things to do' thing was just feeling like too much for me after my 'do whatever you want to' last few months...

gah, I am not adjusting entirely well.
nevertheless, I am committed to doing this living life thing, as impossible as it seems.

anyhow, not sure if I can credit the brownie, the movie, or the alone time, but I've arisen for an exciting evening feeling ready to take on the world.

and I simply had to blog about it because these moments (however short lived they may be at this point in my life) where I feel ready, happy, hopeful, and capable need be documented, celebrated and cherished. they need to be filed away to be looked up in other, less than optimistic times.

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