Monday, January 31, 2011

Fraudulent behavior

Here is a little something I wrote for my ward newsletter this month (don't worry, this is relevant and not just tooting my own horn):

Walking boldly forward in faith, one day at a time
                It is in this time of life that we are asked to prepare, perfect and plan for the rest of our lives; a daunting assignment to say the least. But there are two things which help us to keep our sanity and alleviate that imagined pressure. The first is the trust we can place in our Heavenly Father that despite the details of how our life goes, he will care for us and send us ways which will benefit us most in the end, should we heed his direction and advice. The second is that this preparation, planning and perfecting can and should be done one day at a time. Translated: get up each day, say a prayer, read your scriptures, go to school/work/whatever you are doing, and you can be sure each day will be full of such preparation, planning and perfecting of and for yourself. Between your faith in the Lord and consistent daily action (and it does require action each day), the stress of your life ahead is transformed to its more positive counterpart of excitement. And in the worst and darkest of your days: say a prayer read your scriptures and walk boldly forward; you will be taken care of. 

Man, I could use a pep talk from myself sometimes. 

The reality of my life is probably poorly reflected in this I slept in past my ballet class because it sounded cold outside, then I virtually trudged to my subsequent responsibilities , murmuring all the while. If you hadn't already noticed, January has very nearly finished me (lucky for me it's over in 1 hour!!!!)

Please don't misunderstand, I do find joy and grace in my life. But sometimes I feel like such a see, I really do believe the stuff I write about, it's's just I think it'll take me a lifetime to truly align myself with all my idealistic ideas and aspirations, and sometimes that's a hard pill to swallow.

So for now, I'm going to watch Gossip Girl (don't judge) in my bed and start over again in the morning.

ttyl (hahahaha)


  1. I just love that it "sounded" cold outside to you. I completely know what you mean, but it still made me smile.

    Here's hoping February is more gentle with you.

  2. Good post, I love reading your blog!

  3. Kelsey, i miss you first of all. Secondly don't be ashamed of Gossip Girl...okay maybe just a little! Also, i am with you about January being the worst. I am ready for winter to be over. I'm pretty sure seasonal depression is at its worst and i'm over the cold!! Miss you girl! Lunch this week?!

  4. gossip girl is my secret pleasure! shh dont tell. i agree with you on january. im over it. im praying february is kinder to me...and you!


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