Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my fulfilled dream

So here's a weird thing I did when I was 13.... whilst my normal friends started day dreaming about their weddings and sat around practicing their handwriting... I wore spongebob shoelaces and became inordinately interested in the tempur-pedic pads that promised a perfect nights sleep.

So much so that I ordered one of the free samples they were offering on TV. 
 Then, being the genius that I am, I discovered a seemingly obvious loophole in this marketing gimmick. 
Who was to stop me from ordering many many samples and then stitching them all together and having a home-made tempur-pedic matress?
I'll tell you who....the dastardly people at tempur-pedic, they would be the ones stopping me from doing such a thing by:
a.) not wanting to waste money on sending away free samples
b.) being adults who realized morons like myself might concoct such a plan
c.) being adults.
in short (you've probably already figured it out) there was a sample per household stipulation that was quickly revealed to me.
my plan was foiled and that soft body absorbing material out of reach forever....

 it occurred to me that I had friends that did not live at my house. I began coercing/suggesting/begging anyone and everyone I knew to order the sample. 
It didn't work. 
The ones who actually did it liked theirs so much they insisted on keeping it for themselves. selfish people.

And so I laid my dream away with my 4 x 6 sample of that cloud like material and wrote it off as a lost cause and a very weird story to re-tell at sometime when I became more normal (that's now, right?)

I can't wait to go melt into it.
In fact, I can't believe I've been writing about this for so long.
ta ta kids. 
this is the night I've been waiting for for over 7 years.....


  1. hahahaha no way i love this post!!! We actually have a legit temper pedic bed in our guest room! it's yours anytime:)

  2. :D Congrats on something so exciting!

  3. hahaha i remember that! i think you made me order a sample too. hhaha your spongebob shoe laces. hahahaha makes me remember the Green Jello


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