Monday, January 10, 2011

my two bits

Tonight I want need to share my two bits on something.
something along the lines of purpose and fate and inspiration.

Several months back in a time that I like to think of as 'the cross roads of my life', an inspired, tender and very determined spirit pulled me under her wing. And although, for the obvious reason, and also some not so obvious reasons, the last few months have been days upon days of doubting and rebellion, I am honored to say that today I serve next to said determined spirit as well as two other genuine and beautiful people. (read about that here)

So to all you people feeling without purpose, feeling without hope; I've been there. a lot. In fact, 'there' is a place I still frequent on occasion. or on a lot of occasions.
I've been on that ledge... literally.
I've been at that crossroads, again and again.
I've been in states where I cannot even muster a visual of who I want to be, nor will my stubborn (and might I add, phony) apathy allow me to try.

No, I cannot empathize with each individual ache on a personal level, as much as I would like to.

But I can stand up and tell you all a bit about who I'm learning to turn to that can.
And I can testify, in vague terminology out of respect and confidentiality, that we really do need each other. As friends, as floating souls, and as mutual children on earth, connected through molecules or verbs.

Which means: we all have a purpose, we all have fate infected lives, we all have not only the opportunity, but the capacity to be inspired to act out in greatness.

Call it God or simple intuition, be a Mormon or an atheist, it really doesn't matter...

Just listen... and you will change the world. 

And with that kind of knowledge, feeling hopeful seems like a no-brainer, right?

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  1. Sounds like you got it :-) Now just to work for it and to keep it.

    I'm happy for you and the growth you've demonstrated in the last few years :D


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