Monday, February 28, 2011

the end of today

By some provident miracle, my class let out 15 minutes early tonight, allowing me to drive home during the most beautiful sunset I've noticed in a while.

I promised myself long ago never to photograph sunsets. But I'll tell you, this one had me tempted.

Not because it was so beautiful (I think they look that great a lot, and I fail to notice in my slumped state.)
But because of the way I felt when I looked at it.
The pink and orange beams seemed to shout as they left this valley, and the silhouetted cars passing a crowded intersection felt foreign and exciting. like a new adventure or something.

I mentioned my class got out early... well it was that fact as well as the fact that days are getting longer here that allowed for my serendipitous meeting with these; the last few shreds of another hard day.

and it got me thinking....

as the days slowly extend their capacity for light; so do I.

So when I got home, I decided to change my Sara Steele calendar a day early. 
March looks something like this: 



  1. Wanna know something? After I read that you weren't going to take pictures of sunsets I decided to try to do that as well. Sadly, I give into the temptation sometimes, HOWEVER I think about you every time I see a beautiful sunset!!

  2. i loved the sunset today. and since it is me i wanted to photograph it, but i didn't have a camera. but boy it is a gorgeous memory!

  3. i love sunsets so much. and sunrises! in the summer when I have to wake up for work at 5:30 AM (I know), I always get to drive just as the sun is rising. It makes the early how so worth it!


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