Thursday, February 3, 2011

days like today

It's days like today that I wish I didn't have to talk to anyone. Or share myself with anyone. Technical information or cursed 'small talk' coming in or out feels like an intrusion.

It's days like today that are best spent wearing your favorite striped socks and reading poetry.

It's days like today that the summer sun is out, but blustery winds keep its full glory from penetrating the skin; fortunately it still reaches deep inside via the eyes.

It's days like today that my arms seem to be filled with tingly wet sand.

It's days like today that I want to turn my pragmatic voice off and imagine myself in rose chiffon, nodding off atop a warm misty cloud.

It's days like today...
when I've done all the things I need to do, and am headed to do more things I need to do, when I've eaten healthfully all day, and hydrated properly...
that I am able to swallow this giant yawn I call my current life. and march ahead in colorful attire, with a truthful smile attached out front.


  1. I too rock myself to sleep - always have, always will no matter how much Alex suggests otherwise.

    So glad I got to take a class from you tonight. You truly are something special.

  2. this post is very awesome, because sometimes I feel like I just want to be by myself, and not even make the effort to associate with others. I get caught up in my own thoughts on who I am and what I am doing in life.


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