Saturday, February 26, 2011

delicate femininity

you might not know it since I get to type here, but my penmanship is like unto a 14-yr-old boys. it's embarrassing.

I also have a natural aversion to most crafts, home decor, and all things domestic. I'm also scared of children. but I'm working on that one... not because I want to have any anytime soon, I can't even nail down the first bit of that equation (dating is so hard....)

what I'm saying it that basically, I've always felt I lacked certain maternal and also feminine genes. but here's the thing... sometimes when something truly intrusive happens to you, like what happened to me, you really start to question what your gender means to you.

So here's to finding out what femininity means to me... I'm on a journey to work out what is innately woman according to Kelsey. I imagine it varies tremendously. I will likely never be sucked in by home decor blogs, and likely never get a true kick out of an apron the way my mom does. But I am still a woman. And I want to start defining what that means for me.

Today, it's delicacy. 

Right now I'm listening to piano music and polishing my nails a soft pink color called "dulce de leche". 

and that's all I really want to say about it.

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  1. oh i really really love this. i know what you mean. i like kids/babies if they are blood related. i sometimes have a hard time if they are not. so don't worry


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