Friday, February 11, 2011

I am better... for today.

I will post something longer and better written about this sometime this weekend. But I just wanted to check in with all of you and tell you that I am doing better. much better. like dancing around my house in my ballet leotard better. this probably comes as a shock and maybe some of you are wondering if I could really be the same girl that's been posting all week.

well.. it is a shock. and I am the same girl.

it's just that after my running under water analogy on wednesday, two of my loveliest and oldest friends brought me delicious dinner and cheered me up with a few hours worth of girl talk. I am a lucky girl, I am. then things got progressively better with my re-dedication to ballet class, newfound mature civility, and I dunno... more than 6 hours of sleep that didn't possess my soul...

Anywho...there will probably be more ridiculous emotional and dramatic posts in the future. but for today, I listened to Katy Perry all morning (it is literally painful for me to admit that....) and have all kinds of happy plans for the weekend, like this and this.

stay tuned...

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