Saturday, February 12, 2011

my view

oh the sweet solace of campus when something has lured all the most awful students away from it so that they can scream as loud as possible at a rectangular stretch of wood and tall men... ;)

interestingly enough I just went to target and bought all kinds of things I don't need: including a beautiful little number for sleeping in... who says I can't buy myself a little valentines day something just cause no one else will be seeing it?!

as much as I've begged for a bit of sunshine, this bright harsh kind mixed with the stale winter air has got me feeling hungover... So now I'm wearing sunglasses indoors and silently cursing the gentlemen two chairs down scarfing a meatball sub... yuck.

My count is up to 8 on couples spotted proudly holding hands as they traipse around. To me it looks awkward and forced, each guy has got the gooniest smile positively frozen on his baby face, and I'm wondering if they are married and if so what that wedding night must have been like...

call me judgemental and grumpy... or call me an accomplished procrastinator with a develish whim for observation. You see, I should have been working on my 'Islamic architecture' study guide for the last 20 minutes...

and if you know me at all... you'd know that as negative as this post may seem... it really signifies what a good mood I'm in. The only thing stopping me from driving with my left combat booted foot out my open window today as I sing along to the black keys is the fact that I now drive a manual.


What do you think of what I think?

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