Thursday, March 10, 2011


Tonight I immersed myself in a scary place that somehow makes me feel sane.

I didn't realize how much I miss the smell of coffee and cigarettes. But sitting nestled there between friends and co poetic champions with the espresso smell gently settling into the fibers of my clothes, I felt oh-so-lovely. The 40 degree weather meant shorts and tank tops for us Utahns and that {slightly} warmer breeze misted in over me with bits of exhaled smoke and faint trails of forthcoming spring.

If I could only learn to close my own mouth, I likely would have sat there until someone kicked me out. But as it happened, I read a poem that I wrote out loud and it set off all sorts of signals and anxiety inside of me, and I had to come home quickly.

nonetheless, it was a lovely evening spent in the most social environment I allow myself to exist in.

also. many thanks for the comments on my last post. what beautiful feedback from such beautiful people. 

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