Thursday, March 31, 2011

confessions of a barefoot loud mouth

it's not a secret. I talk. a lot. too much really. I like to think I listen well too, but I probably shouldn't claim it as fact....

it's a blessing and a curse really... I make new friends easily and I love people (mostly)... but on the flip side, the sound of my own voice at the end of a long day is enough to make me want to cut off my own tongue just for some peace and quiet (too graphic?).

so sometimes I need to spend time alone in coffee shops, or reading blogs, or other one sided interaction type activities where I don't have to talk. for the sake of my sanity.

today was not one of those days. today was a day with lots of talking and long overdue catch up. so much so that I actually sacrificed my daily shower to facilitate it all. and it was oddly edifying. in a way it hasn't been in so many months.

I'll give ya the highlights since happy posts can be few and far between in these parts...

there was a chai with a little miss that just gets me.

then there was those few hours for a barefoot photo shoot in the sunshine (I'm sunburned-yay!), followed by an outdoor nail polishing session; all with my oldest and best friend. sometimes I forget how much I need and will always need this girl in my life. for poring secrets into and crying with. for being the only person to truly know me. all sides of me.

and the day ended with a promise to see a missing part of myself, a former bed mate, and the only person that it is literally hard for me to stop talking to, tomorrow. And she's going to start the beautification process for my big day next week by giving me luscious false eyelashes.

These 3 petite ladies (my goodness, why are all my closest friends so tiny!?) were such a good reminder that I really do like life, and people. specifically my life, and my people.

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    And by the way, I am mostly the opposite of a talkative person. I think that sometimes I am too quiet.


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