Thursday, March 3, 2011


here I am plugging along, using all my faculties each and everyday just to get my simple tasks done (and most days those don't even happen), and then all of the sudden.. there it is... content...

the kind of content that's always been there: violence towards women. assault. guns. etc.

it's always been part of literature and movies and whatever, so why didn't I notice or care so much? oh yeah... because then it wasn't real. it was pretend and those things didn't really happen, at least not outside of the news (which I make a point of not watching).

yesterday both my classes featured works surrounding these topics and I couldn't help but think.... seriously??? I dreamed/nightmared about this last night. leave it be already.

but... such is life.

i imagine my sensitivity will calm down at some point. or maybe not...

in other, better news...

I wore a real live daisy in my hair yesterday and watched a beautiful recital of classical piano music.
And today I'll be purchasing a coloring book because both my body talk and normal talk therapist recommended I do more to be playful and artistic. I can't wait. :)

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