Wednesday, March 23, 2011

head in the clouds

I don't actually know this person. But here is a picture that might make you smile. And here is where I found it. 

today is a good day. or a better day I should say. this semester seems to be trying to kill me... I am hanging on by a thread in every single one of my classes. But yesterday I got some good perspective on it...whether or not I go to class, finish my papers, or take the finals; in 3 weeks, this will all be over.  

so here's an electronic thank you to being in college and getting a fresh start every few months with pretty minimal roll over effects from the last section of life. 

that's worth at least a smile and a little bounce in my step, right?! :)

or at least it's a good reason to change out of the all black outfit I wore today, signifying to the world my overall mourning....

1 comment:

  1. at least black always looks good. this semester has succeeded in making me frumpy through and through. i wore flip flops the other day and it's not even warm out. wtf.


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