Saturday, March 26, 2011

I guess I'm American

I think something is alarmingly amiss with my patriotism. That- or mine does exist at all.
I'll tell you how I know.
Today on campus for whatever reason, the national anthem was played over the loud speakers outside. Virtually all of the 200 people walking through the quad stopped in their tracks, turned to the flagpole and put a hand on their heart. I, put my head down and quickly slinked down the stairs to avoid the stares. Of all the more devout citizens. As I descended I wondered if I would or should be sent to some sort of American hell/prison for my lack of jubilee on the matter.

But isn't america all about choices and freedom to behave how you like? Hmm... that's the way someone explained it to 7-yr-old Kelsey. Now this thought is anchored sort of irritatingly in my mind. were those 200 some odd people feeling some true patriotism? Did some of them cry?

You see, this time last yr I dropped out of my life. I quit 4 jobs, withdrew from 13 credits and packed my possessions into the attic of a friend so I could go on the transcontinental adventure of a life time. It was meant to last 6 months or more; I came crawling home just shy of 3...

But here is one thing I learned on my journey. I really like America. For months I listened to Europeans and Australians and Swedes complain about America and Americans while I politely smiled. I couldn't really understand it. why was I such an anomaly, why was I such a target and why did my simple background cause such heated discussion? Being an American, yoga teacher, vegetarian, (at the time somewhat) Mormon, blonde, woman.... I incurred pretty lengthy discussions. and these are all labels I try hard not to be pegged down by. I just wanted to be a person, and a friend; yet I found myself taking a lot of effort to side step issues. Primarily because when it came down to it, these people were my clients.

I've mentioned before I'm not so political, I'm not ever registered to vote (try not to cringe you beautifully involved people)

So why did I come home so pre-maturely? A few reasons, which I may elaborate on sometime, but one of those was "I actually like America". I like trash cans and ice cubes and people that {mostly} obey traffic laws, I like proper sewage and clean water. I really like living here.

and maybe that's as simple as my patriotism needs to be for now.

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