Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it's yoga

Before the yoga studio I teach at was 3B (3B blog), it was it's yoga. That name and the studio's signature sequence, The Rocket, was created by a man named Larry Schultz.

I met Larry only once. It was the first weekend of my yoga teacher training; and he had come into town to do a workshop. After the first week of teacher training (roughly 8 hours of yoga a day) with my weak and marshmallow-y body and young soul, I was pretty shot. Not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually and I remember not being sure I could make it through his Rocket Workshop. Since it was required, I showed up on a Friday night to meet this happy man and a room full of eager students anyway. and I am so glad I did.

This was almost 4 years ago, but here are a few things I remember about Larry and that workshop. He talked so much about yoga reversing the physical effects of technology as we spread our hands instead of close them to text or type. He talked about the MDR (minimum daily requirement) of 5 Sun Salute A's and 5 Sun Salute B's every single day. He said everyday 60 minutes after waking he hit the mat. He did some rough math and threw an amazing number out there of how many Sun Salutes he had likely done in life. His answer to everything was "it's yoga", thus the name of his studio.

Why do we feel less stress after class? It's yoga!
Why do we feel more energy and joy after class? It's yoga!
and on and on like that...

But most of all I remember he picked on me, in the good kind of way. Because at the time I was barely 17 and the youngest person to ever go through the teacher training, whenever I would successfully find myself in a more difficult posture he'd say loudly "these are 17 yr old shoulders over here" or "these are 17 yr old legs". He was enamored with me and the fact that I would choose to do something like this at such a young age. In reality, I just got lucky for such an opportunity to cross my path so perfectly at such an early age.

He probably didn't even remember meeting me after going to back to San Francisco, but I think of him from time to time when I teach or when I practice. I remember his dedication to the practice and his jovial approach to teaching.

Well, Larry passed away this last weekend. And now we are a new studio and we are finding our groove really well in our new space, without the rocket series or the it's yoga name and I can't say enough about how much I love being a part of what we do there. But none of us will forget our roots.

the it's yoga studio represents such a time of growth and learning for me. My last year in high school and my first year in college were spent in that studio, and the passing of Larry for me more or less represents the nail in the coffin (excuse the morbid and perhaps slightly inappropriate analogy) for a very special and tender time in my life.

But with death, comes rebirth. Like endings are also new beginnings. And I'm grateful to have been a part of that studio and now to be a part of this one, where we do such a good thing. We teach people everyday to Breathe, Bend, and most important Be. (3B, get it?)

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  1. i'm so so sorry for your loss. i was 16 when I completed teacher training.... everyone in my course used to say "those 16 year old arms" too!


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