Monday, March 7, 2011

Rainy Day Lament

something about cold and pounding rain outside makes being warm and inside so unbelievably enjoyable. Kids are sleeping in halls and on benches all over campus. Usually I think that's weird, but today I kind of wish I was one of them, curled up peacefully with a backpack as a pillow and headphones in for sound control.

I'm yawning every few breaths even though I've slept roughly 24 hours out of the last 48. And I've recommitted my fashion choices to comfort and flow. Skirts and flexible fabrics allow me to tuck my legs up into myself whenever I like; it feels like concerted rest and contentment for my body.

My air dried hair is resting on open shoulders and I didn't bother with make-up today.

Because each day is a decision in how I want to see things. and today the rain looks more like a life force than drudgery.

The people in my life act like a safety net and my ability to walk on thin ledges or cross busy roads is buoyed up by the manifestation of God in my fellow man.

So thank you... you know who you are. 

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