Sunday, March 27, 2011

my life is a joke

I wrote that last post whilst higher than high (on prescribed medication, fyi)

luckily I had the where with all to check it out again this morning before posting it and edit a few unwise words out. I spent the night in the reality of what could have made an interesting nightmare.

my life is a joke and I've got charcoal mouth now. 


  1. I often think my life is a joke, and then I realize - better my life be a joke than a tragedy :) Laugh at yourself, especially at what happens during your semi-lucid moments. :) Cheer up and have a beautiful Sunday!

  2. hahaha you and your ambian. i'm hoping you turned your phone off this time? you're wonderful!!

  3. i like your life.
    call me next time and i'll come over and you can sing me some of your songs.


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