Monday, March 28, 2011

treading water

Perhaps I'm overcompensating, but today has been one of my most productive days of the past 6 months. Something about opposition and ridiculous happenings seems to light a little fire inside me and force me to really get things done. It is finally occurring to me, this idea that may seem obvious to the rest of you. I should rephrase... it is finally sinking in, this idea that has intellectually held true for a long time.

If I continue to drop out of life each time something or someone tries to knock me down, the only person I harm is myself. And even though I speak masochistically so often, I don't really mean it....

maybe you're confused, considering last Monday I dropped out of life for a day of R & R and preached quite the opposite. All I can tell ya is sorry, I'm kinda like that.

today i'm getting things done. today i'm treading water hard enough to keep me buoyed up until the draining of this pool in two weeks. i.e. the end of the semester. and it feels good. and it reminds me that in some ways, I have gotten stronger during this time.

above is the song I've got on repeat as I swiftly type paper number 4 of the day. and I must add that as I climbed the spiral staircase at school in search of the internet connection to post this, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. And as I sit straddling this bench I can't help but drop my head back and close my eyes to allow my open heart some light and my lungs some air.


  1. Moments like those makes me feel like the gods are giving only me a gift. With papers, school, finals, on top of everything else ... I'm glad you can still take a moment and enjoy a moment like that :-)

  2. when i first read about you being so productive today i assumed that it was because you were running around on official party business. because i know that that is one thing that always seems to get your motor running.


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