Sunday, April 3, 2011

check it out

check these babies out. zero make-up. thank you Gracie. (call 801-787-6992 for your own set... shameless plug for a friend. but really. she's the best. and cheapest. in all the valley)

This time last year I found myself wedged in the back of a wet suit closet on the coast of Morocco, crying like a child as I watched general conference.

That momentous experience of fear and a heavy dose of reality sent me travelling home... in more than just a physical way.

I cleaned out my computer files today and happened upon a to-do list I had created around that time for when I got back to the states... and there, listed as my number one to-do upon re-entering a life I'd left behind was this:

~do independent research on cheese

awesome. dream big Kels.


  1. your eyelashes are great, you look hot!

  2. hahahahahaha i am laughing so hard! love ya, can't wait to see you this summer

  3. That is an awesome dream though. Really, I love cheese and why not? A good cheese platter could make you millions, and I don't mean friends on facebook.

  4. that was our common goal, remember? i have that same item that has been following me from to-do list to to-do list since then.

  5. hahahahahahah i laughed out loud so much at this. lets start the research!!!!!


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