Monday, April 25, 2011

a picture post, finally

FYI. blog silence is generally a sign that things are smooth in my life. But I thought I'd quickly check in around these parts in an effort to keep you all interested in my ramblings...

Saturday I cashed in on my sister's birthday big time with a day at The Spa and a night at a salsa club. In between was a tapas style restaurant so delicious it won't be forgotten anytime soon. (By the way, check out my sister's cute reading blog here: Carbohydrates and Conjugations)

 if you're not jealous already... let me tell you this:

The spa had a nook. as in an enclosed space with 3 sides of wall and 1 side of opaque curtaining (refer to those heavenly holes in the back of the picture above). as in the perfect place to nap. as in a warm space full of spa music meant to sound like the ocean. as in the thing I aspire to have in my home most... after this...

and I got to nap in that nook for several hours with a warm chai and soft robe while winter refused to relent outside.

I don't know if it's the fact that the semester is over, of life is just looking up in a big way for me. But I find myself a happy girl these days. (and didn't I hear somewhere that it's all about perspective anyway?)

In 2 days I'll be taking my Suzuki Reno (the slightly trashier version of the Las Vegas model) on it's first road trip for some yoga and (fingers crossed) sunshine. So except some more blog silence and I'll try to come up with something worthwhile to tell you about next week. :)

as a final testament to my vanity, check out these pictures from a photo shoot for 3B Yoga.


  1. those pics are awesome! i want to do that!

  2. You're flexible, beautiful, and a lover of nooks.

    Glad we're friends :)

  3. Um, these photos are beautiful.


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